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E-Control Communication

Scalable payment management platform for secure banking communication

Treasury Management System (TMS)

E-Finances Solutions, the benchmark in cash management.

E-Finances Solutions, a comprehensive, expert and scalable solution for centralizing, steering, forecasting and controlling your payment processes and cash management. The E-Control Communication module, a solution for exchanges with banks, centralizes and secures your payment processes.

Banking communication software

Consolidated view of payments

Access consolidated or detailed visibility of payment flow activity, thanks to multi-company, multi-bank, multi-account, multi-protocol and multi-user management.

Payment management software: the video

White paper: combating payment fraud

Reliability and security to protect against payment fraud

Securing payment processes relies on a combination of simple functionalities and technology. From automation to biometrics, benefit from a complete range of solutions to protect you against internal and external fraud risks.

Total autonomy on a scalable platform

After turnkey support, you take full control of the platform’s configuration, thanks to our skills transfer and unlimited support. You can upgrade your configuration according to your needs.

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Couverture internationale

International coverage







Strong authentication
Authorization management
Approval workflow (internal validation and bank signature)
Invoice display
Duplicate detection
Technical audit

Automated, multi-format reception
Receipt of various statement types: account statement, intraday statement, transaction statement, bill payable, bank charges (CAMT 086)

KPI indicators
Customizable, multi-tabbed dashboard
Bookmark management for one-click filter retrieval
Workflow console
Dynamic reporting

EFS Extend is the B.I. dedicated to E-Finances Solutions, enabling you to create :

– Indicators on your dashboard in the form of KPIs, tables or graphs,
– Email alerts,
– Export data from the database according to a schedule.
EFS Extend can be tailored to your specific needs.

Swift AL2
Swift Service Desk

Receive and view your account statements
Validation of your banking orderss

Multi-format domestic and international payments
SDD direct debit management
LCR management
Third-party management
Automatic integration or manual entry

Reporting and monitoring
Audit trail on discounts
Traceability of user actions and settings

Customize your setup

To further secure your overall payment management :

– Dual administration
– Blacklist management
– Countries under surveillance
– Third-party audit of remittance integration based on BIC/IBAN, name, minimum/maximum amount, country, blacklists

Pour avoir plus de souplesse sur la personnalisation des fichiers. Personnalisez les fichiers de paiement au format XML

To identify fraudulent direct debits on your bank accounts in advance

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Cash management

Draw up cash flow forecasts with a global view of your cash position.


Bank reconciliation

Save time by automating up to 90% of your bank reconciliation.


Funding management

Manage all your financing needs, including deferred payments.

Support for all our solutions

Telephone support

Customer area

Contextual help


Basic package: 10 bank accounts and 2 simultaneous sessions

Product sheet

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    With E-Control Communication, we have a centralized, secure tool for issuing and receiving all our payments.

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    White paper: Communication at the heart of security and strategic management challenges for companies

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    Regulatory protocols and technological integration

    A tool that goes far beyond the CFO’s prerogatives

    Reinventing the business around the augmented employee

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    Customer feedback

    White paper: Combating payment fraud


    Understanding the different payment fraud scenarios

    Identify the information-gathering process used by fraudsters

    Adopt best practices to protect yourself effectively

    Reacting in the event of attempted or actual fraud


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