Take your business to the next level with

 secure, high-performance financial management.

Solutions to centralize your payments, manage your cash, pilot your financing and automate your lettering.

The best financial management software on the market, to support your growth.

As a software publisher and integrator, we support you at every stage of your project. In the pre-sales phase, we provide you with all the advice you need to refine and meet your requirements. During the project phase, our consultants provide you with the benefit of their business expertise. Afterwards, they train you so that you can make 100% use of the solutions on a day-to-day basis. Finally, you’re never alone: our hotline is there to answer your questions.

Configure your software and customize your dashboard with the KPIs that interest you.

Connect securely to your tools with our KeyGo Secure biometric reader.

Take a global view of your cash flow, so you can focus on the essentials and make the right decisions.

E-Finances is for you.


Control your cash flow

Chief Financial Officer

See the big picture


Gagnez du temps

Credit manager

Simplify your collection

Professionalize your financial management

7 solutions

Banking communication

Centralize all your payments

Cash management

To manage your cash

Bank reconciliation

To save time

Financing management

To manage all your financing

Accounting lettering

Automate your lettering

Accounts receivable management

To facilitate your collection


Secure your payment workflow

What makes us unique?

Unlike other publishers, E-Finances offers you comprehensive, personalized support, from the study of your needs to training and assistance.
You choose the business model that suits you best: SaaS or License.

Save time and focus on the essentials: managing your cash flow.

Focus on performance safety proximity !

Discover our solutions, book your demo.

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      Contactez notre service commercial au 02 51 12 75 84 ou au 0032 477 37 08 85, ou bien remplissez ce formulaire de contact.