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Next-generation solution for anticipating and managing your cash flow

Treasury Management System (TMS)

E-Finances Solutions, the reference cash management solution.

E-Finances Solutions, a comprehensive, expert and modular solution for centralizing, steering, forecasting and controlling your payment processes and cash management. The E-Trésorerie module, a complete and intuitive cash management solution, ensures agile and intelligent cash management.

Cash management software

Cash flow forecasting

Benefit from ergonomic, high-performance, intuitive and collaborative software to manage your cash flow. Designed to make everyday life easier, it saves you time so you can make the right decisions.

Cash management software: the video

White paper: the new challenges of cash management

The new challenges of cash management

Whatever the context, business sector, company size or time of year: difficult times are always followed by new challenges. The adoption of best practices and the integration of tools specifically dedicated to cash management can prove extremely beneficial to the company.

Anticipate cash flow variations to make the right decisions

Adaptable solutions to meet the productivity, performance and security needs of modern businesses, while respecting their environment and procedures.

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Simple d'utilisation

Easy to use




Automatic and manual cash reconciliation and de-reconciliation
Decision balances (graphs) with net cash position
Manual balancing transfers
Drift of the day
Investment management SICAV, DAT/CAT
Management of SPOT type loans
Rate and currency management
E-Control Communication interface (forecasts and balancing transfers)
Cash flow management

Multiple forecast sources: automation, upload or input
Analysis, monitoring and audit trail
Collaborative management of forecasts and envelopes

EFS Extend is the B.I. dedicated to E-Finances Solutions, enabling you to create :

– Indicators on your dashboard in the form of KPIs, tables or graphs,
– Email alerts,
– Export data from the database according to a schedule.
EFS Extend can be tailored to your specific needs.

Scale of interests
Checking commissions
Verification of banking conditions
Banking statistics and quotas

Customizable dashboard
Standard reporting
EFS Extend
Value sheet
Budget and analysis tracking
Historical record (value and closing conditions)

Customize your setup

Manage accounts between two companies instantly and track all your cash movements without double entry.

Generate and integrate your accounting entries automatical

For the latest currency rates

Follow your cash budgets as closely as possible, and compare your actuals with your initial budgets, revising them indefinitely.

Account balancing proposals calculated from scenarios.

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E-Control Communication

Bank communications

Secure and centralize your incoming and outgoing payments.


Bank reconciliation

Save time by automating up to 90% of your bank reconciliation.


Funding management

Manage all your financing needs, including deferred payments.

Support for all our solutions

Telephone support

Customer area

Context-sensitive help


Basic package: 10 bank accounts and 2 simultaneous sessions

Product sheet

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    Finally, we have a global view of our cash position, with forecasts for the more or less long term and excellent responsiveness from the E-Finances teams.

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    White paper: The new challenges of cash management


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